Tool for measuring aboveground live forest biomass using remote sensing, v1.0


Tool for measuring aboveground live forest biomass using remote sensing, v1.0

The Tool for measuring aboveground live forest biomass using remote sensing provides a method for determining aboveground live forest biomass (ALFB) through a combination of remote sensing data and field measurements to provide accurate and cost effective estimation of ALFB across varied LULC classification types and broad spatial extents. This tool is intended for use with VCS AFOLU methodologies and projects on forest land.

Guidance on Use of VT0005´╗┐´╗┐

This methodology was open for public comment from 24 April 2014 until 24 May 2014. Public comments are closed.

Comments (6)

Rutishauser Ervan
This a very standard approach that is currently used in both REDD+ and AFOLU projects. Calibrating RS data with field based inventories has been done since the 90's, with now good results with LiDAR/radar data. To enhance remotely-sensed prediction of AGB, I suggest to follow Vincent et al. 2014 (Oecologia) rather than Asner et al. 2013. Moreover, you should include a paragraph on error propagation, as proposed in Pearson et al. 2005, to assess uncertainties on field-based AGB estimates.
Inga P. La Puma...
Forest Landscape Ecology Lab - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Check the old growth definition: Should it be >10cm for old growth in the diameter at breast height instead of <10cm? How you will take into account areas of recent disturbance, such as wildfire or wind-throw in your protocol. Will these areas necessarily be stratified out of the one time AGLB estimation via LULC for a given analysis region? In areas prone to forest disturbance the LULC stratification step should be mandatory given the inherent variability in most forested regions
Peter Schlesinger
University of Idaho/Moscow
Donald E. Strebel
Versar, Inc.
FARM Africa
I'm Ethiopian and GIS specialist by profession working for FARM Africa mainely on Bale REDD+ project.Really I found the tool very interesting. For us as we are the first REDD+ project in the country we really lack skill like this which we really need to get it. Finally my question is can you please arrange a sort of capacity building training for experts like me who lacks this skill and could not really get it any where. Merga FARM Africa GIS Specialist
Merga Diyessa
FARM Africa
Finally my comment on the tool, It would be much better to be prepared with technical steps to be used for RS softwar that would help the experts on this field to produce their own estimated Biomass map
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14. Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use
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Friday, 6 March 2015