JNR Leakage Tool, v1.0


JNR Leakage Tool, v1.0

This tool provides a step-by-step approach to estimate a leakage deduction for Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ (JNR) programs applying a Scenario 2 or Scenario 3 approach. This tool provides default values to determine the amount of activity shifting leakage and market leakage from global commodities, domestically traded products and subsistence activities. This tool also accounts for deforestation-to-degradation leakage. The tool is applicable for subnational JNR programs without nation-wide monitoring and reporting of emissions.

Jurisdictional programs may apply either the Global Commodity Leakage Module: Effective Area Approach or Global Commodity Leakage Module: Production Approach to calculate a global commodity leakage value instead of applying the default value provided within the tool.

Translations of this tool are provided. Please note that English is the operating language of the VCS Program, so the English versions and interpretations of VCS tools take precedence over these translations.

French: JNR Leakage Tool, v1.0

This methodology was open for public comment from 27 June 2013 until 27 July 2013. Public comments are closed.

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Paz Lozano
ecoPartners LLC
United States of America
Benktesh Sharma
United States
Sectoral Scope
14. Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use
Approval Date
Tuesday, 4 February 2014
Status Notes

This tool was developed in collaboration with the JNR leakage working group and approved by the VCS.

A recording of the webinar introducing the tool in English can be found here and in Spanish can be found here.